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Interesting Notes

No, not all Thai food has to be prepared spicy. As a matter of fact, I prefer my food to not be spicy at all. On a majority of items on the menu we have a spicy scale from 0-10. On items that have the words spicy or curry in their names, it is safe to assume that
these dishes will be at least a level three spice.

Great lengths have been taken to make the Teak unlike many other Asian restaurants. That's why there's no hokey gold, black, or red décor. And unlike some of our Asian counterparts, we do not rely on MSG for our flavoring or boil the vegetables
until they're flavorless and soggy.

Don't know what to order, want to ask your server? Be careful if you ask what's good. It would be like asking a used care salesman which clunker is best. Suggestions are nice, but first try to select two or three dishes that look interesting, and then get a suggestion.

You know what I liked about being an only child? I didn't have to share. The nature of Thai food is quite the opposite. Many of the dishes are meant to be shared. For the selfish, you can look at it this way, when someone takes some of yours, you take some of theirs. Maybe you'll like theirs more than yours.

I'm not going to lie to you. As much as we would like everything to be perfect all of the time, it's not. Our space here is very limited; especially in the kitchen. On a busy night it may take a while to get the food out. But we stand by the quality of all our
individually prepared food.

Yes, these are actual pictures of the food you will order. They're not some plastic or lard reproductions like you may see at some chain restaurants. When you order C10, that's what it actually looks like. Remember this next time you are at one of those
"cookie cutter" chain places.

Just for future reference, the bar room and sushi bar are located on the first floor. The bathrooms are also located on the first floor, and behind the bar. You might find our bar small and cozy, and also entertaining with the televisions, video games (Ms.Pacman and Golf), jukebox, and touchscreen games.

It has been my experience at times that some take advantage of the old adage that says, "The customer is always right." I don't believe the customer is always right, but the customer has a right to excellent service and excellent food. If there is something wrong with your experience, then let someone know. We'll do what we can to accommodate you and your needs. Please don't be rude! Don't yell. Don't walk into the kitchen and disrupt everything.
You will get more by acting with class and respect that
by being rude and disrespectful.

Do us a favor. For ease and efficiency, please order by the code to the left of the menu description. Next, give the spice level of the item or entrée you are ordering, and then tell of any variations you would like done to your meal. Sometimes it is pretty neat to say the Thai name of the food, but many times our customers butcher the name so badly that they are misunderstood and then receive the wrong item. All of a sudden, it's not so cute that you used the
Thai name, you are mad, we are irritated.
So just to be safe, please use the code.

The Teak has been here around five years now. We hope to have the good fortune of continuing the success we've enjoyed over that period. So over time we will continue to evolve, to change, and improve. Sometimes our recipes will change a little, sometimes we'll be working in a new cook, others we'll just be trying to make adjustments to improve our overall operation. All that really matters to us though is that you are happy and you come back to see us!