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Featuring our SP3. Chicken with Coconut Milk Soup
One day over in Thailand a coconut fell onto a chicken eating lemon grass and galangs. The chicken was killed, the coconut was cracked, and my grandmother found the whole pile lying there. Can't let good food go to waste right? Grandma took the chicken, coconut, added some lemon juice, and came up with sumptuous soup. What a strange twist of fate!

Featuring our A5. Spring Rolls
Something special here! Normally, when you think along the lines of anything Oriental with the term roll in it, you get a thick-skinned, cabbage-filled egg roll. Our spring roll follows a similar concept as far as having an outer skin, but that's where the similarity stops. Spring roll skin is paper thin. And within the skin of each order of two is a mixture of goodies
like pork, chicken, and a little crab meat.