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S13.Mussels w/Basil

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S13. Mussels with Basil - Holy Basil Leaves
Everyone asks, "What are holy basil leaves?" So I say, knowing the customer is at my mercy, "It's dried up grass." I always get a confused look then and the customer wonders if there is a hidden camera trying to catch their reaction. The truth is that holy basil leaves are really a Thai basil leaf that, when stir-fried with various other foods, results in a very unique flavor. Really the spice is just a basil leaf; I added "holy" just to make the name cooler than it actually is. You can have holy basil leaves in the following items:
B1. Beef (Nua)
C1. Chicken (Gai)
P1. Pork (Moo)
S1. Squid
S7. Shrimp
S8. Scallops
S13. Mussels